The LG Ultragear 27GP950 Gaming Monitor: Not Just Another Typical Display

LG Ultragear 27GP950 Gaming Monitor

There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the LG UltraGear 27GP950 gaming monitor. Some have called it a gamers delight. But is all the hype true? What are the LG ultra gear specs? Will LG live up to its stellar reputation? In this guide, we’ll explore the gadget and how it holds us against scrutiny.

A solid monitor, the LG 27GP950 is well-built. It’s mostly plastic, with a minor bend on the rear. The stand is robust but wobbles as the height extension is increased.

As long as you don’t need to spin the screen because it doesn’t have swivel adjustment, it’ll be fine. In portrait mode, the inputs are always on top.

LG Ultragear Specs

The monitor’s back is simple. Slightly RGB bias lighting, LG claims. Lighting and music can be synchronized. Your monitor’s bottom wheel or LG’s software can also adjust it. The bias-lighting ring has a fan and a ring of vents. The display features a wire management hook on the rear, however, it’s not especially practical.

 ” (29.3 cm) 8.9 “(display) thick (22.5 cm) 17.2 lbs (w/ display) (7.8 kg) That makes it easy to place other items in front of the display. At full height, it supports the monitor well but wobbles.

 ” (61.0 cm) 13″ (35.4 cm) (35.4 cm) 2 “(no stand) (5.5 cm) W (Without Stand) lb (5.7 kg) Border Size (Bezels) 1 ” (0.5 cm) With the joystick under the monitor’s front bezel. A jog wheel and a switch control RGB bias lighting.

The LG 27GP950-B Lighting Effects

 The LG 27GP950-B has terrible local dimming. 16 zones cover a large area of the screen. With such a large screen, each object lights up an entire column, generating blooming. This isn’t obvious in a real material. In other scenes, there is no black crush and no loss of fine details.

 Local dimming has three speeds. The ‘Faster’ mode works best with moving objects, but the zone transitions are noticeable and can be unpleasant in some cases. Because the backlight is dispersed across many zones, the local dimming is less noticeable and less effective.

Tremendous peak brightness in SDR can overcome glare in most bright conditions, despite poor reflection control. Local dimming disables our 25% window. Unaffected material and even the test pattern quickly return to normal. No local dimming means no variation in brightness between scenes or time. Sad to say, its minimum brightness is too high for use in dark areas or by persons sensitive to bright lights.

LG 27 inch Monitor Review

Now let’s delve into more detail. For the LG UltraGear 27GP950 gaming monitor, brightness is maxed out, and Local Dimming is set to ‘Faster.’ It’s bright enough for HDR gaming and video. With enormous, bright circumstances, it gradually loses brightness. To preserve detail in bright highlights, the EOTF follows the target PQ curve until the peak brightness.

With HDR enabled, Faster Local Dimming, and max Brightness, we ran these tests.

Washout Colors Left and Right Left Gamma Shift Right Gamma Shift Left Brightness Loss Left Black Level Gain An IPS horizontal viewing angle of 27GP950-B. From afar, the image appears washed out, but up close, the sides are uniform.

Vertical Viewing Angle Color Washout From Below Color Washout From Above Color Shift From Below Color Shift From Above The LG 27GP950 has a wide view. Some of the images are washed out, but this shouldn’t bother most people.

The LG 27GP950 is all gray. The sides of the screen are darker than the middle, which has a minor dirty screen effect.

Our LG 27GP950 has awful black consistency, albeit models vary. Backlight bleed in all four corners of the screen. Local dimming slightly improves black uniformity.

LG 27GP950 Performance

The LG 27GP950-B is extremely accurate. It has an sRGB mode that reduces saturation and corrects most colors. But the white and gray colors are off due to the white balance. The gamma isn’t perfect, making most settings darker than intended. However, the colors are oversaturated and the color temperature is significantly lower in the Gamer 1 Picture Mode.

Download A highly precise LG 27GP950B after calibrating The gamma curve is near to sRGB, but not perfectly. Color and white balance issues are difficult to detect without a colorimeter. With LG’s Calibration Studio, the 27GP950-B can calibrate any source, even if it doesn’t support ICC profiles.

Using the LG 27GP950 for Desktop Work

Most modern desktop and web content use the sRGB color space. But it lacks greens in the Adobe RGB color palette.

Due to the poor contrast ratio, it cannot display dark saturated tones. It covers the entire DCI P3 color space used by most HDR content today. Because more stuff will be produced with this color space, it is regrettable that it does not cover it.

The color range is restricted, however, most hues are white. It can’t display dark saturated colors due to the low contrast ratio.

Sadly, the LG 27GP950 struggles with reflections. Illuminates most glare.

LG 27GP950-B Text Rendering

The LG 27GP950 text is legible. The ClearType wizard cleans diagonal lines in apps that don’t support it (top photo). The LG 27GP950 excels at gradients. No trace of color banding.

 Max. DP Refresh Rate @ 10-bit 10Bit HDMI Max. Refresh This display may also be overclocked. Oddly, the overclock only works if Adaptive Sync is enabled. HDMI 2.1 supports 120Hz refresh, however, DisplayPort requires DSC 1.2a graphics cards.

 The LG 27GP950 responds quickly at 160Hz. Most monitors’ pixel overdrive settings are ‘Fast’. It is faster than ‘Faster’ and has less overshoot. It still has overshoot, so choose ‘Normal’ instead.

In VRR-enabled games, some users have reported random dark screens. We couldn’t reproduce the issue. Some units seem to have a defect in them. The overclock requires Adaptive Sync on the OSD and your PC. In reality, the monitor doubles every frame at 80Hz. Overclocking fixes this issue only at a full refresh rate. This is true even when overclocking. With VRR off, the input lag increases to 7.8ms.


The LG UltraGear 27GP950 gaming monitor is an awesome piece of equipment with amazing specs. It is choke-full of features that make it the best choice for gamers. One such feature is its refresh rate, which can be set to 60Hz or 144Hz, depending on the gamer’s preference. This allows for smoother gaming and prevents motion blur from occurring during gameplay. Another feature that makes this monitor great for gaming is its response time, which can be set to 1ms or 2ms depending on how fast the gamer wants their screen to respond to their actions during gameplay. Get it today!

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