Google Home Mini vs. Google Nest Mini – Which One Should You Buy and Why?

google home mini vs google nest mini

The Google Home Mini and Nest Mini are mini versions of the Google Nest Audio and Google Home speakers, respectively. These are some of the best products this year along with the Apple Airtags. Despite their diminutive size, the two compact smart speakers outperform their larger counterparts. The Nest Mini and Home Mini may be used to play music, update Google apps, and more. In this article, we’ll do a comparison of Google home mini vs Google nest mini. What distinguishes these two products? Continue reading to learn more.

If you’re interested in a Google Nest Mini review, this article is a great place to start. It’ll help you make an informed decision regarding each product. For instance, was the Google Nest mini intended to serve as a successor to the Home Mini? Maybe and maybe not. Each has made some significant changes. For more, check out the “Nest” brand. Due to the fact that it is an older generation, the Home Mini is less than $40, whereas the Nest Mini is $50. Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo Dot, which costs $50, serves as an excellent comparison.

Is the Nest Mini’s price premium justified? That is what we are suggesting, considering the enhanced audio quality and built-in wall mounting option.

Speakers and Acoustics

In regards to the Google home mini review, it is equipped with a 40mm driver, which is roughly the size of a large pair of headphones. In comparison to larger Bluetooth speakers, such as the Google Nest Audio, the sound quality and range are significantly diminished. Bluetooth headphones are required to connect to this version of the Home Mini, as it only features a micro-USB charging port (at which point, you can just connect to your computer instead). It is not designed to function as a music player.

One of the most visible differences between the Nest Mini and its predecessor, the Nest Cam, is the speaker update. Google claims to have redesigned the Nest Mini’s sound system to deliver twice the bass of the original device, despite the presence of the 40mm speaker. When specifications remain constant, it’s tough to determine whether or not the sound quality has improved. However, both models will fall far short of the performance of a full-featured smart speaker, rendering them impractical for usage in a big setting. On the other hand, when the speaker is nearby, the Nest Mini has an edge when it comes to getting notifications and other sound-related information.

Overall Design

The small disk that serves as the Home Mini has been covered with fabric. The three LED dots on the disk’s top indicate various actions, such as process execution, listening, and application setup. You can adjust the volume, pause or mute a process using the Mini’s side buttons. Because they are not clearly recognized, locating them might be a challenge. However, the work is worthwhile. The mic can be entirely disabled by pressing the small mic button at the bottom. Dark blue and orange are only two of the Mini’s many colors.

Now let’s talk about the google nest mini review: At first appearance, the Nest Mini appears to be identical. While the sizes and colors are virtually identical, this model is slightly smaller than the previous model. In comparison to the Home Mini, which requires a separate wall-mount attachment, this model includes a built-in wall mount. Both variants include identical LED lights on top and touch controls on each side.

Additionally, factory resets on the two devices are distinct. To do a hard reset on the Home Mini, press and hold the factory reset button for ten seconds. The Nest Mini is missing this button. When the LED lights turn orange, press and hold the speaker’s center for ten seconds to disable the microphone. When resetting, do not mix up these two actions.

Using a Smart Gadget to Control your Home

In regards to the Google home mini vs Google nest mini, both use Google Assistant to control smart devices. Additionally, both are capable of connecting to and operating a large variety of smart home devices, and both run on Android or iOS, so the distinctions between the two are minimal.

Google updated its Works with Nest program during the previous few years, and as a result, many smart devices are no longer compatible. The previous application has been phased out in favor of a more restrictive Works with Google Assistant version (with a greater emphasis on privacy), and newer smart devices are progressively recovering compatibility. Visit this page to learn more about the new program and its compatibility with various devices.


Smaller assistants for larger hub devices, such as the Nest Mini and the Home Mini 2, fulfill a similar job. When it comes to Google home mini vs Google nest mini, both are ideal for locations where a larger hub would be excessive, such as a bedroom or a small workplace. Minis are frequently found on desks, in dorm rooms, or perched on little countertops near workstations or other areas where they are likely to be used. Due to their lack of a visible means to tell the time, they can only be used as alarm clock companions if you prefer a voice-activated assistant over an alarm clock in the morning.

Connecting two speakers together creates a stereo effect, which is well worth examining. This effect can be achieved by spacing the speakers approximately 10 feet apart. It’s preferable if they’re both on the same skill level. After that, you may link the two speakers via the Google

Home app. This instantly transforms a large space into a cinematic experience with multi-channel surround sound.

When discussing the google home mini review, keep in mind that only one of the speakers will be able to hear and respond to your commands when using this technique, so be sure to purchase identical models. This implies that while two Home Minis or two Nest Minis can be connected, a Home Mini and a Nest Mini cannot be connected. It’s usually prudent to get multiples of the same model in order to save money.


In my perspective, the Google home mini vs Google nest mini debate is easy to decide: The Nest Mini is the clear winner in this duel of smart speakers. One of the best features is that it costs only $10 more than the Home Mini while offering superior sound quality, newer technology, and a broader range of mounting possibilities. For those who place a premium on sound quality above all else, the Nest Mini is an excellent choice. If you can get one on sale, the Home Mini is your best bet.


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