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Sony Linkbuds

Introducing Sony Linkbuds-What are noise cancellation earbuds and how do they work?

Sony linkbuds are headphones that contain a microphone and a noise-canceling circuit. The microphone picks up the ambient noise and the circuit creates an inverted sound wave to cancel it out. Noise-canceling earbuds are also known as active noise canceling earphones or ANC (active noise cancellation) headphones.

Noise-canceling earbuds work by using a microphone and an electronic circuit to create an inverted sound wave that cancels out the unwanted ambient noise. These can work by transmitting a (near) identical inverted sound wave in the opposite direction to cancel the noise from the surrounding environment.

What to Consider in the Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Sony linkbuds are a great way to block out the sounds around you and focus on your work. They are also a great tool for those who need to sleep on the plane or want to listen to music without disturbing others. Here are some things you should consider when looking for the best noise-canceling earbuds:

  • The amount of noise they cancel out (in decibels)
  • The type of noise they cancel out, such as low frequency or high frequency
  • Whether or not they come with an audio cable
  • What kind of sound quality do they offer
  • Overall comfort

What are the Benefits of noise-canceling earbuds?

Noise-canceling earbuds come in handy when you need to enjoy music or focus on a task without being disturbed. Like the Jabra Elite 4 earpods, they are especially useful for people who work in noisy environments like construction sites, factories, and airports. The first benefit of noise-canceling earbuds is that they can protect your hearing from high levels of noise.

The second benefit is that they can block out high-frequency sounds which are not always pleasant to listen to. The third benefit of noise-canceling earbuds is that they are more comfortable than traditional headphones because there is no pressure on your ears. However, there are also drawbacks to noise-canceling earbuds.

The first drawback is that they are not beneficial for people who cannot afford them. The second drawback is that they can take up more space than traditional headphones so you may need an extra case in your bag or purse.

Understanding Noise Cancellation vs. Noise Isolation

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are headphones that have a microphone on the outside of the headphone. The microphone picks up ambient noise and then creates an opposite sound wave that cancels out the noise.

Noise Isolation Headphones

These have a seal on the outside of the ear cups. These headphones create a seal around your ears and block out most ambient noise. Noise-canceling headphones may not be ideal for all situations, such as when you need to hear what is going on around you or if you need to monitor your surroundings for safety reasons. On the other hand, noise isolation headphones may not be ideal for all situations either, such as when you want to listen to music with lots of bass or if you are in a noisy setting.

The Science and Technology Behind Noise-Cancelation

Sony linkbuds use noise-canceling technology to eliminate ambient sounds. This can come in handy if you’re in a car, plane, or train. Noise-cancelling technology is a very new development that has only been around for about 30 years. Active noise management is the science behind noise-canceller technology (ANC). ANC works by using a microphone to pick up sound waves from external sources and then creates an inverted sound wave that will cancel out any unwanted external sound waves.

ANC is able to cancel out noise that is present in a specific range depending on how the ANC circuitry is set. Then, it creates an inverted sound wave that will cancel out any unwanted external sound waves. Noise-canceling headphones work in a similar way to ANC technology found in car or airplane cabin noise control systems. Headphones use a microphone to pick up sound waves from the external environment and then use a low-pass filter to create an inverted sound wave that will cancel out unwanted external sound.

Normally, noise-canceling headphones have three internal microphones that record the ambient noise around them. The first microphone records the background sounds and any other sounds in front of the mic in a range of frequencies.

Sony LinkBuds Features

Sony has been in the electronics business for many years and has a long history of producing quality products. The Sony LinkBuds S Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbud Headphones is one of their latest creations. They are designed to be used with smartphones and tablets. Additionally, these earbuds are Bluetooth-compatible and provide outstanding sound quality.

Sony Linkbuds also come with an app for customizing sound settings so that you can have just the right amount of noise cancellation or you can choose to have no noise cancellation at all. The Sony LinkBuds S Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbud Headphones are available on Amazon.

Highlights and Features

  • Intelligent components and configurations learn from your actions and automatically alter the sound settings so that you always have the appropriate sound for the situation.
  • Automatically toggles between exceptional noise cancellation and ambient sound optimization, allowing the listener to concentrate on the music without interruptions.
  • Integrated Processor V1 delivers sound quality that is completely enveloping.
  • Call quality that is very clear thanks to Advanced Voice Signal Processing brings in sound in its purest form.
  • Battery life of up to 6 hours, and life with charging case extended to up to 20 hours. The quick charging feature allows for up to 60 minutes of playback on the device after only 5 minutes of charging.
  • Protects against moisture such as sweat and splashes with an IPX4 rating.

Other features include Simple touch-based configurations for pausing playback, skipping music, controlling the volume, activating your voice assistant, and taking and making phone calls.

Voice pickup technology and Speak-to-Chat will automatically halt the music when you start talking to another person, allowing you to have a conversation without having to shout over the music.

The Sony Linkbud earbuds are now compatible with Amazon’s Alexa Voice commands Users can now play their favorite music playlists with minimal effort.


The Sony LinkBuds S Truly Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbud Headphones are truly one-of-a-kind. Users can now enjoy their favorite music wherever they go. In addition to their exceptional quality, they are convenient and much easier to carry around.

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