Review Of The Sendy Audio Apollo

Sendy Audio Apollo

Introducing Sendy Audio Apollo

Dongguan Sivga owns Sendy Audio Apollo. It makes high-quality headphones and other products. 2015 audio industry veterans founded it. They use traditional craftsmanship and natural solid wood for housing. Apollo is Sendy Audio’s new Quad-Former planar magnetic headphone. This design uses two magnets, two coil sides, and two coils per diaphragm. Four coils result.

Sendy Audio says

Four coils and double magnets ensure magnetic energy conversion, low distortion, consistent performance, and high music reproduction.


  • 68mm transducer
  • Impedance 16 Ohm
  • 95dBsensitivity
  • 395g

Construction, Package Design

The headphones come in a box with a black carrying bag. Carrying pouch, 4.4-to-3.5 adapter, and stock cable included. Expectedly, there’s nothing more to say. The leather bag is high-quality. Nice!

The Apollo is pretty but not as flashy as the Peacock. Genuine wood earcups, grills, and headbands create a luxurious look.

Excellent construction. The Sendy Audio headphones are well-made. No plastic parts are visible. Wood or aluminum compose the headphones. Metal yokes and headband. Rosewood earcups. It’s top-notch.

Sendy Audio makes durable headphones. You may prefer industrial or professional-looking headphones, but the Apollo is authentic.


365 grams is a good weight for planar magnetic cans. It’s heavier than a Sennheiser HD660S because planar magnetic headphones are heavy. Planar headphones are heavy.

The Apollo’s weight distribution and headband are good. The size-adjustment mechanism is different from most headphones. Headband slides, not earcups. The headband slides when you apply force, so you can do it while wearing the headphones.

Memory foam and goatskin make earpads. Perfectly shaped earpads fit your ears. Design and weight distribution make the Apollo comfortable to wear. Light clamping helps, too. The headband is well-made and didn’t bother me.


Apollo’s cable is among the best available. Excellent 4-core 6N OCC braided cable. It’s stylish and matches the headphones’ design.

Sound Quality

Like the Peacock, the Apollo has good dynamics and technicalities. It has a good dynamic range, harmonics, and full-bodied sound across all ranges, except the treble. Planar magnetic drivers have many benefits, but their sound is veiled and dark. Here’s why.


The Apollo’s bass response is impactful and quick, but not as good as the Peacock’s. The Apollo combines these two terms. The bass has great texture, speed, and rumble. Quantity and quality are balanced in these headphones.

Apollo’s bass has good decay and extension. The bass is present and defined but doesn’t dominate the sound. You need a powerful setup to give that presentation. I tried the Apollo with other setups and was disappointed, especially from a DAP. Even if the headphones seem easy to drive, feed them plenty of power and good amplification.

I found no flaws in the bass performance. Balance, control, resolution, and texture are good. Excellent bass performance. If you want an analytical and flat sound, look elsewhere; this bass has impact and kick.


The Apollo’s warm mids and bass are its best feature. Sendy Audio has incorporated some Peacock features into this model. Smooth, fluid mids. Excellent vocal definition and positioning. Realistic, lively timbre. The instruments sound natural, organic, and analog. The Apollo’s tone is impeccable.

You wonder what would happen with more transparency and clarity in the mids. The Apollo has great mid-range tonality and definition, but it could be more resolving. Curtains separate you from the instruments.


Apollo’s treble isn’t as crisp as the Peacock’s. I mentioned that. Apollo’s treble is gentler. Treble lacks clarity and resolution. Highs are clearly defined. This smooth, forgiving performance could be divisive. The treble has good resolution compared to the mids.

The treble isn’t extended. Although this is acceptable, Apollo’s treble is muted. Not as subtle as the midrange, but present. Depending on the genres they like, this signature may suit many people.


When vocals and instruments play together, the soundstage feels narrow. Midrange’s lack of transparency hurts stereo imaging. These are Sendy’s positives. The precise imaging helps you locate every song element. Because the mid-range isn’t clean/transparent, the air and space there aren’t good.

Reference listeners won’t like the headphones’ balance. It has my amusing signature. Apollo lacks coherence. The midrange-to-treble transition is a problem. Mids are muted, but treble and bass are crisp and detailed. Unbalanced, with a congested mid-range. Therefore, the Apollo lacks coherence. It’s fun.

Apollo retrieves details well. A good desktop setup reveals almost every detail.


The Sendy Audio Apollo has a premium build, comfort, and accessories. It’s well-made. If the mid-range was clearer and crisper, this would be a great budget planar headphone. It makes a perfect gift for any occassion.

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