Nintendo Switch OLED Review

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Much of what we wished the original launch model of the Nintendo Switch could have been realized in the Nintendo Switch OLED. The 7-inch screen is larger, brighter, and consumes substantially less power, resulting in a significant improvement in the system’s battery life.

While the unit has the same basic height and width as the previous model, it has a number of modest design modifications. Such modifications add up to a significantly improved portable gaming experience. However, other than the addition of a much-needed ethernet port, there aren’t many significant changes to the docked Switch experience overall. For current Switch users, the prospect of a new system on the horizon, as well as the looming shadow of the Stream Deck, makes this an unappealing proposition. For those who are purchasing a Nintendo Switch for the first time, this is the model to choose.

OLED display with a 7-inch diagonal

When you’re playing on the go, you’ll be able to enjoy vibrant colors and sharp contrast.

Examine the difference between racing at peak speed and squaring up against foes by using the bright screen as a backdrop.

Colors that pop and a clear sense of contrast.

When playing your favorite Switch games, you’ll notice an immediate difference between your previous Switch system and the new OLED model, whether you’re racing at high speed or facing off against fierce foes.

The Nintendo Switch OLED has a beautiful screen, an enhanced kickstand, and a large amount of storage. First-time Switch buyers will find it to be a straightforward recommendation, while current Switch owners will find it to be an unnecessary expenditure.

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