Hands-On with the Honor Magic4 Pro

honor magic pro

Honor Magic4 Pro is a Premium Smartphone

The Honor Magic4 Pro is a premium smartphone that can now available for purchase. It is designed to compete directly with the major brands that are found at the top of the market (official page).

This waterproof smartphone features a 6.81-inch screen and an IP68 rating, and it not only looks great but also feels great in the hand. That is a significant “plus” for any handset, and Honor has not cut any corners in terms of design or the use of luxurious materials at any point in the process. They have also not compromised on the camera quality.

The display has very few bezels and is curved towards the edge; however, some people would prefer that the bezels were flatter. This results in an appearance that is pleasing to the eye. I don’t have a strong preference either way, but you might favor one of the two options more than the other.

Important Features of the Honor Magic4 Pro

To use a phrase that Google might use, “scrolling feels as smooth as butter,” and the brightness of 1000 NITs is impressive. The refresh rate of 120 Hz makes scrolling feel as smooth as butter.

Recently, MediaTek has been making significant strides toward a comeback, but in terms of sheer performance, Qualcomm still has the upper hand. Because the competition is so intense, you need to keep a close eye on both of these other competitors.

The random access memory (RAM) of 8 gigabytes and the total storage capacity of 256 gigabytes are adequate, but they are not particularly impressive. It is safe to say that this is the new “normal” in these challenging times for the supply chain given the number of large OEMs that offer comparable configurations at this price point.

Very Reliable

The primary sensor has a megapixel count of 50, the ultrawide sensor has a megapixel count of 50, and the telephoto sensor has a megapixel count of 64. The camera has three high-resolution sensors, each with a different megapixel count. The physical components of the camera are very interesting. The camera hardware platform is also quite reliable.

The fourth and most significant factor to consider is the 4600 mAh battery’s 100W ultra-rapid charging capacity. Even though we discuss it frequently, the largest capacity currently available on the market is 5000 mAh. However, a much faster charging speed can more than compensate for a little smaller capacity. The Honor includes an 80W charger as part of the regular package, however, the competition may charge up to $45 for a charger that is significantly less powerful.

Because you can reach 50 percent charge in 15 minutes and a full charge in 30 minutes, a severely depleted battery is no longer a catastrophic situation but rather a minor annoyance that can be easily remedied. This is because you can reach a 50 percent charge in 15 minutes.

Excellent High-End Functionality

The smartphone comes prepackaged with the Android 12 operating system. Although I did not find it to be quite as streamlined as a “pure Android,” it does appear to function properly, and I imagine that Honor customers will eventually become accustomed to it. If you are transitioning, there will not be much of a learning curve involved in the process.

The Honor Magic4 Pro is an excellent high-end phone. It comes with artificial intelligence and is a great gift. The gadget includes an elegant design, powerful camera, fast processor, stunning display, and long battery life.

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